• Kumu Pomaika'i Gaui

Let's get it done kakou!!

E hoʻolohe kākou. Now is the time to listen.

We come from a legacy of aliʻi who placed the wellbeing of their people above all else. When faced with the ravages of disease brought to our shores, a steep decline of our population, and an unimaginable loss of culture and identity our leaders took action to ensure future generations could thrive. As descendants of survivors, we too must take action for our people, for our future. Get vaccinated, wear a mask, social distance, and quarantine if needed.

It is our kuleana to protect our Native Hawaiian and Polynesian community from COVID-19

These are unprecedented times. The COVID-19 Delta Variant is surging through our community and we cannot continue to allow Hawaiian/Polynesians to be the group with the low vaccination rates and high case counts; with severe illness; with preventable death and trauma within our lāhui/communities. We have kuleana (responsibilities) to protect our ‘ohana (family), to keep them safe from harm. There are multiple tools we can turn to, and it is up to use to choose to use them.

Masks. Distancing. Staying home. Testing. Vaccines.

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