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Kehaulani Hula Studio in Lake County

Kehaulani Hula Studio will be in Lake County at the Aroma Café at Yuba College: Lake County Campus. November 20, 2015. Entertainment for their Culinary Scholarship. Culinary instructor Robert and his students make a mean plate of eats! Contact the school for more information.

Stand in Unity for Mauna-a-Wakea

Keahulani Hula Studio Santa Rosa will be hosting a workshop for Mauna-a-Wakea with Kumu Hula Kau’i Peralto on 17 September, 5-7pm at the Sonoma County Taiko Dojo, 3325 Reginal Parkway in Santa Rosa. Space is limited so call, 707-975-7128 and reserve a spot today!

Maunakea Workshop-Santa Rosa 2015

Kehaulani Hula Studio: Keiki Hula Day Camp

KHS Keiki Hula Camp 2015

Kehaulani Hula Studio proudly presents:  “A Day In The Life Of A Hula Dancer”.

Keiki (children) will get a chance to live like a hula dancer! They will learn a hula about a canoe that will take them to Tahiti and back to Hawai’i. They will get a chance to print block prints on “pseudo” kapa and make paper flower leis. They will even get a chance to make “poi”. Yes, they will get the chance to pound it themselves!

The camp is designed so the keiki get an understanding of what a hula dancer goes through in daily life and what it takes to be apart of a hula school.

The camp is open to all that want a chance to experience Hawai’i through the eyes of our Keiki.

“e hele mai kakou”!

Kehaulani Hula Studio ……… Accepting new students in Spring 2015

Kehaulani Hula Studio

A place where you can enjoy the meaning of Aloha. We are a traditional hula school steeped in the hula traditions of Kumu Frank Palani Kahala (dec.).

Let us help introduce you to the world of hula in its many forms.  

If interested, email us at info@kehaulanihulastudio.com.

New classes in both locations will start in SPRING 2015!!

KHS 2015 SLC Open Enrollment                                KHS SR 2015 Open Enrollment