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Kehaulani Hula Studio presents: Hana I Ka Lei: Series#1


Passing on traditional hula practices like lei making, is a goal of Kehaulani Hula Studio

Hana I Ka Lei: Series #1 was a huge success! All the haumana got to make 2 strands each and some even made ribbon rosettes to add some pizzazz to their final product. The day started with a an All In hula rehearsal followed by a potluck of great food and camaraderie. Then everyone started to learn how to make a t-leaf lei ( lei la’i) in the “Hilo” style of making a lei. Technically, this method is used to make cordage or rope. Sennett was the material of choice to make sturdy cordage. Today, we use it as a decorative lei. It was explained that you could add a different type of foliage or flowers to the lei. Or simply sew with needle and thread then twine it around the lei la’i to create a more visual appeal.   

T Leaf Lei Participants

Kumu Pomaika’i will be in Santa Rosa, 1/29-2/2

Kumu Pomaika’i is coming to Santa Rosa on his monthly visits. This trip he will be introducing implement hula. Utilizing the ipu hula (ipu heke’ole) and ‘uli’uli. We have been working on leg strengthening as we get ready to learn hula noho (sit down ) as well.

Classes are open for new members. Previous experience not required. KHS, located near Charles Shultz Airport. Email us at info@kehaulanihulastudio.com for more information. 

Kehaulani Hula Studio traveled to Kaua’i!

A few members of Kehaulani Hula Studio traveled to the garden isle of Kaua’i 7/10-20/2014, attending the 4th Annual Ka ‘Aha Hula ‘O Halauaola. Hula practitioners, dancers all converge on Kaua’i for 10 days. From hula to implement making to clearing invasive vegetation from sacred grounds to working in the lo’i were all apart of the experience. We enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot. We look forward to sharing our adventures on Kaua’i with you all. Next conference is set for Hilo, Hawai’i in 2018. See you there!

Visit https://hulaconferences.org/ for more information.

Here are a few snap shots of things we did.

'Ohana 068 'Ohana 073 'Ohana 078 'Ohana 081 'Ohana 087 'Ohana 089 'Ohana 090 'Ohana 094 'Ohana 098 'Ohana 101 'Ohana 102

Not only did we get educated ih hula and chant but, we got our sweat on by doing some hiking as well.

Not only did we get educated ih hula and chant but, we got our sweat on by doing some hiking as well.

'Ohana 105 'Ohana 117 'Ohana 123 'Ohana 130 'Ohana 131 'Ohana 136 'Ohana 142 'Ohana 143 'Ohana 145 'Ohana 153



Kehaulani Hula Studio ……… Accepting new students in Spring 2015


Kehaulani Hula Studio

A place where you can enjoy the meaning of Aloha. We are a traditional hula school steeped in the hula traditions of Kumu Frank Palani Kahala (dec.).

Let us help introduce you to the world of hula in its many forms.  

If interested, email us at info@kehaulanihulastudio.com.

New classes in both locations will start in SPRING 2015!!

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